About MD Javeed

MD Javeed is the political tycoon in the Indian National Congress Party (INC) from Khammam city Telangana

Mohammed Javeed was born on 25 August 1973 to Khaja Mohiuddin. Mohammed Javeed has the education qualification of B.A. (L.L.B).
He held several positions as:
  1. General Secretary in Friends Youth Association.
  2. Khammam District Congress Sevadal Chairman from 2006 to till date.
  3. Chairman to blood donar’s club.
He was participated in various activities that includes:
  • Joined NSUI in 1990 as a Volunteer.
  • Associated with social services through Friends Youth Association.
  • Chairman to BLOOD DONAR’S CLUB
  • Underwent training at National Integration Camp at Gandhigram, organized by IDARA Gandhigram Rural Institute, from 26th November to 2nd December 1995 at Gandhigram, Dindigul, Anna District, Tamilnadu.
  • Youth Leadership Training Programme at Nehru yuva Kendra, khammam from 22nd February, 1996 to 28th February, 1996 conducted by Nehru yuva Kendra khammam.
  • Underwent training at national instructor’s training camp held at   Gandhi smiriti darshan samiti, Rajghat, New Delhi from 25th june to 4th july 2010.
  • Since 1990 rendering my service to Congress Party and strengthing the party from gross root level.  Actively participate in various programmes, activities like Dharnas, Protest Programmes, Padayatras, Satyagrahs including Electricity Charge protest against the Chandra Babu Naidu Govt. in 2002 hunger strike.
  • Participated in State Level Sevadal Camps and other Political Training camps as a Congress Sevadal Chairman of Khammam District from 2006 to till date with blessing of Sri Kanukula Janardhan Reddy Garu, State Congress Sevadal Chairman, Andhra Pradesh, actively participated in all the programmes in my district to reach Government Schemes to poor people like old-age Pensions, widow pensions Handicapped Benefits, Minority Schemes, Indiramma Houses, Rajiv Arogyasri, Indiramma Arogya Benefits for white ration card holders, Rs.2/- per Kg Rice Scheme and Scholarships for weaker sections, B.C., S.C., students.
He is the present Khammam City Congress Committee President. In his tenure, he is working hard to serve the people across the Khammam city and plays a key role in the Khammam city political discussion.