22 August 2020

Mohammad Javeed angry over sanitation work in chaotic Khammam city.

     –   President City Congress Committee

20 August 2020

Celebrations for 76th Birth Anniversary of Shri Rajiv Gandhi.

     –  President City congress committee

18 August 2020

Don’t sacrifice lives of students to the corona in the name of entrance, final year exams 

     –   MD Javeed (President) 

18 August 2020

A press meet held at Khammam District Congress office, Sanjeevareddy Bhavan

     –   Mohammed Javeed

18 August 2020

Happy 74th Independence Day.

     –    MD Javeed

16 August 2020

Mohammed Javeed Interview

6 August 2020

Initiation of hunger strike demanding action of the concerned authorities

     –   Mohammed Javeed

5 August 2020

CLP Leader Bhatti Vikramarka, City Congresss president Mohammed Javeed visiting a govt. hospital at khmmam


5 August 2020

CLP Leader Bhatti Vikramarka visited Khammam government hospital


1 August 2020

Eid-al-adha celebrations and reasons

     –   Mohammed Javeed


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